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I have a note from :iconnugget21:, and this is what he said:

Hey there I’ve just created a great and easy to use mlp Rp site and I’m looking to recruit some members to join the fun. We are story focused arc driven role play site that uses exciting story arcs to bring characters together and give them something to do much like the comics. Our take on the mlp universe is based off the comics and the Friendship is Magic TV series. Could you please give me a mention or maybe you’d be interested in joining up and having a great time yourselves. Its fun and free OC’s welcome & encouraged as well as canon characters

If you want to check it out, go ahead.
I need points. It's why it's a stupid post. If you want to kindly give me points, go to this link:…

Or donate to my account. Just so I can use the points for getting some things for auctioning.
Right now... I'm just pissed. Sorry, but I can't make any more. Ya know why? Cause Twilight is NOW A FREAKIN ALICORN! WHY THOUGH!? This whole story takes place starting from after the whole MLP season, to Aeroy's story. Now that Twilight's an alicorn in the series, I'm done with this fanfic. BUT... There is something I may tell you... I WILL make another fanfiction (maybe), but it is related to the STM group that I'm in, and MLP. Some of it is.

What the new Fanficc is about:

It's about Twilight and her friends, including Celestia and Luna, that got trapped in a portal that teleports them to another world. After going to that world, they see similar copies of themselves, yet different. The world is ruled by none other, than Twilight's Different Dimensional father, Mogoor. All this happens as the STM thing develops.

That's all I have to say. Sorry. But I can show you the draft of what I was about to post.

Draft of Story:


    It was another depressing day in the forests of the everfree, where the plants bloom red, where the trees die faster, and where the grass fades away, all because of the demon wars. The war against none other than the devil’s army. The zebra enchantress was in her tree, worrying about the outside world and what will become of Equestria. She heard a few loud knocks on the door and decided to see who it is. She checked the window and saw a dark cloaked and masked figure, waiting for her, so she opened the door for the cloaked one and greeted to the being an uncomfortable greeting.

    Zecora: “Uh, hello. Never had company here for months. What do you want?”

    ?: *points to an orb on the table*

    Zecora: “You want my orb, but that’s for natives like me. Why would you want it?”

    ?: *gives no reply, but hands her a rock*

    Zecora: “You got to be kidding. A rock? What does this rock do that makes me want it?”

    ?: *touches rock and it shows some holograph scene of a random situation*

    Zecora: “Hmm… Very interesting. Ok, I’ll take it.” *gives orb to the unknown cloaked one and gets the rock* “Well, if you want anything else stop by here.”

    ?: *walks away from the house and continues walking until the being disappears*


    Crimson woke up faintly and saw that he was in another world with torn down buildings and flames burning corpses of dead people. He wanted to know what was going on so he went into buildings to see if there were any survivors. Each house he checked had no survivors, but instead had dead and torn up bodies with flesh hanging out. He checked all but one house in the entire town, and that house, was the PPG’s house. He knocked on the door to see if anyone was home, but he heard no one walking to the door, but saw that the door opened itself.
    Crimson decided to enter the house to find anything useful to get back to his world, and now, he has found nothing, but another door that is opened. Before he went inside, he heard a faint crackle of laughter coming from outside the door. He was getting prepared for another fight when a figure of a humanoid turtle ran into the house. He hid so he wouldn’t get spotted, and waited for the right moment to attack. When the creature showed it’s back with one skull on it, he jumped on it’s back and grabbed it’s neck, choking the creature.

    Crimson: “Alright, tell me what’s going on so I can know what’s up you Immortalic!”

    ?: *makes gargling sound when choked* “I’m not what you think I am! I’m no Immortalic! I’m a demon, a regular demon! We’re killing innocents so we can harvest their souls. And to prevent those stupid little ponies from killing us to save their world!”

    Crimson: “You mean Twilight and her friends?”

    ?: “Yes! So get off of me so I can watch your world die!”

That's all of the draft.

P.S. (This is the edit) Could someone make a picture of Twilight Stabbing Hank Hill with her horn? Only without the wings? Cause I'm now, seriously making a show called "NEE Toons". It's sort of like a YTP, only it makes sense.
I'm going to release my next chapter on February and I will decide if I want to make a special on Valentine's Day. Just letting everyone know because everything in January is making me distracted from my work.
After the new year, I PROMISE that I'll make more parts since this year I got a little carried away, but it's all because of sorting out what, you know, will happen now since MLP's new episodes really stumped me now and that I constantly am distracted by other things. Oh well. BTW, news for the Phytilk contest... it ends when I write the second saga's final chapter. Just for heads up for whoever wants to participate in it.
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This group is about supporting a fanfic to make a fanfic. It starts when I, the founder, thought chap 7 was the end of the fanfic. But it continues on after chap 7.

Rules, only the founder can write the fanfics. You can give ideas for the founder to write, but sometimes the founder has already made that idea.
You can also support this group by drawing pictures related to the fanfics. Which means the fanfics Spectrum with Spectrum or one of my fanfics.
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SpellboundCanvas Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2017  Student Digital Artist

Hey, I've had this Idea for a fanfic for sometime now, and Have been ironing and fleshing it out for almost 2 years now. It's placeholder name is Locked up and it's an alternate ending to Lesson Zero where Celestia returns to Twilight's Library and has her arrested and sentenced to 3 years in a mares prison where she is cut off from spike and the rest of the mane 6 while her parents and shining armor are heart broken and can't get over the fact that Twilight is now a convict serving time in a harsh environment. As the story goes on she becomes a more violent and heartless character before she comes full circle and realizes what she has become.Yes I know its not canon, but that was never my intention to begin with.

If you want more info, heres a link to one of my DA galleries:…

Should I greenlight it? Tell me what you think.

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I just made a fanfics for King Sombra and the group I'm in now has over a hundred devedations a day so I I'm hoping it gets a few reads but I'm not keeping it in mind. So can I join this one? I really want my story to get some light on it.
DJVIANNA Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2014
Ummm Guyz can You post a pic here?
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Hi. I'm a member of this group and I was wondering: can I post my own stories too?
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